Some interesting weird facts that you may want to know about!

There’s no denying that your society is full of amazing inventions. But aside those great inventions you can also find some weird facts that just make things a whole lot stranger for you. If you do want to learn some unique strange facts, just check out the ideas below!

  • Donkey Kong was named like that because the creator thought Donkey means Stupid in English. So he basically wanted to create a stupid ape, yet things didn’t pan out.
  • You won’t find any bridges over the Amazon river. This most likely happens because the Amazon is very hard to build on, and it does come with some life-threatening animals too.
  • A person’s nose will be able to remember around 50000 different smells.
  • The dark region found on the north pole of Pluto’s Moon is named Mordor. Maybe this shows that the person who named it is a Lord of the Rings fan.
  • 8 of the 10 largest statues that you can find in the world are actually depicting Buddha. So it’s quite interesting to see which is the most important statue in the world for a lot of people.
  • You may think that ketchup comes from the US, but it actually comes from China. It was originally named ke-chiap, so you can easily see where its name really come from.
  • Erno Rubik, the Rubik Cube creator took a month to solve the cube after he created it. but right now there are people that can solve the cube in 5 seconds.
  • Mister Bean named Zazu in the Lion King movie. You may not expect him to voice act anything outside of his own voice, but he did a very good job as Zazu, and that’s what brought in a lot of value for him.
  • The oldest mummy in the world is the frozen corpse of Otzi the Iceman, which is around 5000 years old.
  • Bullfrogs never sleep. So even if you believe that these frogs may be sleeping, that is not the case. These are only a few of the animal species that don’t really have any kind of sleep.
  • The TV was invented around 2 years after we invented sliced bread. Talk about a society that evolves really fast.
  • Wallmart’s most popular seller is the banana. This sells more than just about any other product out there. If anything, it goes to show how relevant and important bananas really are.
  • Sunsets on Mars would be different when compared to Earth. According to the current observations, the sunsets there are Blue, which is quite interesting considering that you see such a thing on the Red Planet.

In the end, it’s safe to say that there are lots of interesting and strange facts. If you were always interested in finding some unique facts, then you should definitely consider giving these a shot right now. Remember, there are tons of facts out there, but not all of them are realistic. This is why you have to study everything and take your time as you find more and more unique stuff like this!

Computer Fatigue – Eye Strain Relief

Finally I can be on my computer for hours and hours and I have no eye strain!

Of-course these 3 simple steps from WIKIHOW should have done trick but for me it didn’t do squat! According to National-Post based on a survey of 10k people 73% showed eye strain.

Wiki-how suggest the following which I can predict will have 0 effect since a) they don’t really solve the problem and b) it’s easier said then done.

  1. Take a short break every 30-60 minutes.
  2. Step outside for fresh air and natural light.
  3. Listen to energetic music.

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Just hang-up your phone!

Bridges were built and rockets reached the moon way before cellphones became the norm. Why o’ why can’t we manage without them?

You’re probably thinking I’m old fashioned and not up to date with technology but trust me I’m NOT! I’ve had a computer since I’m kid and I have the latest phone and most up-to date autopilot car but I just miss the days that was. I used be able to speak to a person that ACTUALLY gave me the time of day while talking to them. Today if I try asking for directions or even speaking to my boss for more then 30 seconds I find myself talking to myself as the phone/text/email just became the more important object, after all I’m human and the phone is not so guess who gets priority?

I want my life as human interacting with each other back, I want people to understand that the teller at the bank deserves to be asked how is your day coming along? I want people to understand that girl at the register has feelings too and if you can’t say hello to her because you’re on the phone how do you think she feels about it?

I know we can’t change the world but let start with just us, one person at a time.

Nice weekend!

Send this letter to your pediatrician

Dear Doctor,

I would like to tell you why my child has not been seen by you as often as you would have liked.

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Own a pool? This is a must for your kids!

Every pool owner that does’t have a kids safety alarm system installed in their pool should be fined and arrested in my opinion!

Each year we hear of tragedies that could have been avoided if only there was a $200 alarm system installed in the pool. It takes minutes to install and as soon as a toddler reaches the water the annoying sound will go off alerting everyone that a kids entered the pool unsupervised.

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My Car Is A Sauna! HELP

Did you ever try going into your car on hot sunny day while the windows were closed?

It was so bad that I decided to go for solar power fan that automatically goes on when I leave the car…I think it should mandatory for car manufacturers as it could save the lives of thousands of innocent kids left in a boiling car.

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I just visited grandma

A visit to my grandmother gave me the chills…thinking how she too was a cute toddler that everyone admired and loved unconditionally and I’m sure found her drooling to be cute even when she hasn’t done anything to deserve it only because she was a baby.

I now see an old wrinkled lady drooling once again but no one is rushing to wipe it, a body that has written on it all over I’m frail and weak from giving birth and raising 5 kids while working to support our family, yet no one finds her cute.

If you’re so lucky to have an elderly parent, aunt, uncle or even a neighbor that has given to this world in any shape or form, a short visit at least 2 times a week is all we can offer in our daily lives but they deserve so much more…

Although my grandmother is currently in one of the top nursing homes in the country I can see a smile each time I come with the kids…I hope and pray that my kids will do the same when  I reach that age.

I dont want to get sick anymore…

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Name changer…

I’m just wondering why “automobiles” which basically means a mobile that can be moved automatically, was changed to a cars, what was wrong with calling it my new automobile?

And oh by the way “mobile phones” which basically means its a phone that can also be used mobily (without a wire) was changed to cell phones. What’s with the cell? Is it a brain cell, white cell, basement cell or a red cell?

Interestingly enough its still called a mobile in the UK which is shortened from “mobile phone”.