Computer Fatigue – Eye Strain Relief

Finally I can be on my computer for hours and hours and I have no eye strain!

Of-course these 3 simple steps from WIKIHOW should have done trick but for me it didn’t do squat! According to National-Post based on a survey of 10k people 73% showed eye strain.

Wiki-how suggest the following which I can predict will have 0 effect since a) they don’t really solve the problem and b) it’s easier said then done.

  1. Take a short break every 30-60 minutes.
  2. Step outside for fresh air and natural light.
  3. Listen to energetic music.

Well my dear friends id you’re like me and want real results listen to what I discovered, an easier and better solution and yes they really do work.

TheraSpecs eye glasses have shows to help me not get any eye strain at all and they even let you try them for free for 30 days, I now have all my prescription glasses made into these

Interestingly enough these glasses were originally made for Migraine Headaches but I guess they work for both.Hudson TheraSpecs - Indoor

Quality products that will amaze you

Did you ever wish there was a list of the best products in every category so you never go wrong with your purchase?

Here is a list based on testing almost every other brand and getting the best results from these products.

Note, I’m not getting paid from these brands nor am I in any shape and form related to these brand, I’m just sharing my experiences after trying so many other brands that didn’t work as well as these do. If you found that another brand not listed here worked better for you please do let me know as I would love to try it myself.

Health and Beauty

Looking for a good skin lotion? Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring is the winner of all skin lotions. Find it HERE

Looking for a good dandruff shampoo? Selsun Blue Medicated Maximum Strength is the only winner! Find it HERE


More product reviews coming soon…

Send this letter to your pediatrician

Dear Doctor,

I would like to tell you why my child has not been seen by you as often as you would have liked.

He’s up to date on his shots and he really doesn’t get sick anymore. If you think I’m bluffing wait until you read how I do it, I bet you too will agree that its a no brainer.

Every night before he goes to sleep he gets a chamomile tea bottle and I add to it 1/2 teaspoon brown sugar (which also helps the gas pain) then I add 8-10 drops of Garlic Extract and walla! Click here to order

PS He loves it! It’s the perfect blend to make him sleepy and calm while building the babies immune system.

Own a pool? This is a must for your kids!

Every pool owner that does’t have a kids safety alarm system installed in their pool should be fined and arrested in my opinion!

Each year we hear of tragedies that could have been avoided if only there was a $200 alarm system installed in the pool. It takes minutes to install and as soon as a toddler reaches the water the annoying sound will go off alerting everyone that a kids entered the pool unsupervised.

Its available right here so don’t tell me you didn’t know where to find one Child Immersion Pool/Water Alarm Kit

My Car Is A Sauna! HELP

Did you ever try going into your car on hot sunny day while the windows were closed?

It was so bad that I decided to go for solar power fan that automatically goes on when I leave the car…I think it should mandatory for car manufacturers as it could save the lives of thousands of innocent kids left in a boiling car.

Here is what I found on Amazon Solar Power Auto Fan

I just visited grandma

A visit to my grandmother gave me the chills…thinking how she too was a cute toddler that everyone admired and loved unconditionally and I’m sure found her drooling to be cute even when she hasn’t done anything to deserve it only because she was a baby.

I now see an old wrinkled lady drooling once again but no one is rushing to wipe it, a body that has written on it all over I’m frail and weak from giving birth and raising 5 kids while working to support our family, yet no one finds her cute.

If you’re so lucky to have an elderly parent, aunt, uncle or even a neighbor that has given to this world in any shape or form, a short visit at least 2 times a week is all we can offer in our daily lives but they deserve so much more…

Although my grandmother is currently in one of the top nursing homes in the country I can see a smile each time I come with the kids…I hope and pray that my kids will do the same when  I reach that age.

I dont want to get sick anymore…

If you really want to stop getting colds, pneumonia and bronchitis this one is for you.

Most doctors will tell you to get flu shots and more shots, here I will reveal the secrets that has helped me and I promise it will help you too.

By taking every morning just 3 inexpensive supplements you are guaranteed to have a new lease on life with the help of the one above of course.

  1. Vitamin C 2000 MG – slow release or time release tablets ONLY. If you don’t take the slow release or time release tablets you may be wasting your time and money since your body will absorbed it all at once and will not continue to work all day. Click here to order 
  2. Vitamin D 2000 IU – (I prefer soft-gels for better absorbent). Click here to order 
  3. Garlic Extract or soft-gels (for extract 12-14 drops mix it with any drink). Click here to order 

Please note: As with all vitamins, they will not be effective unless taken with food and being consistent with it.


My kids crave sugar – what can I do about it?

I find that my kids love frozen bananas so I now made that switch from candies to sliced frozen bananas which are available in the supermarkets freezer section or I do them myself by cutting the bananas into slices and putting them into a container.

Note: Don’t be limited to frozen bananas, your kids my find frozen strawberries and frozen mangos to be their favorite treat.