Computer Fatigue – Eye Strain Relief

Finally I can be on my computer for hours and hours and I have no eye strain!

Of-course these 3 simple steps from WIKIHOW should have done trick but for me it didn’t do squat! According to National-Post based on a survey of 10k people 73% showed eye strain.

Wiki-how suggest the following which I can predict will have 0 effect since a) they don’t really solve the problem and b) it’s easier said then done.

  1. Take a short break every 30-60 minutes.
  2. Step outside for fresh air and natural light.
  3. Listen to energetic music.

Well my dear friends id you’re like me and want real results listen to what I discovered, an easier and better solution and yes they really do work.

TheraSpecs eye glasses have shows to help me not get any eye strain at all and they even let you try them for free for 30 days, I now have all my prescription glasses made into these

Interestingly enough these glasses were originally made for Migraine Headaches but I guess they work for both.Hudson TheraSpecs - Indoor

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