I just visited grandma

A visit to my grandmother gave me the chills…thinking how she too was a cute toddler that everyone admired and loved unconditionally and I’m sure found her drooling to be cute even when she hasn’t done anything to deserve it only because she was a baby.

I now see an old wrinkled lady drooling once again but no one is rushing to wipe it, a body that has written on it all over I’m frail and weak from giving birth and raising 5 kids while working to support our family, yet no one finds her cute.

If you’re so lucky to have an elderly parent, aunt, uncle or even a neighbor that has given to this world in any shape or form, a short visit at least 2 times a week is all we can offer in our daily lives but they deserve so much more…

Although my grandmother is currently in one of the top nursing homes in the country I can see a smile each time I come with the kids…I hope and pray that my kids will do the same when  I reach that age.

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