Just hang-up your phone!

Bridges were built and rockets reached the moon way before cellphones became the norm. Why o’ why can’t we manage without them?

You’re probably thinking I’m old fashioned and not up to date with technology but trust me I’m NOT! I’ve had a computer since I’m kid and I have the latest phone and most up-to date autopilot car but I just miss the days that was. I used be able to speak to a person that ACTUALLY gave me the time of day while talking to them. Today if I try asking for directions or even speaking to my boss for more then 30 seconds I find myself talking to myself as the phone/text/email just became the more important object, after all I’m human and the phone is not so guess who gets priority?

I want my life as human interacting with each other back, I want people to understand that the teller at the bank deserves to be asked how is your day coming along? I want people to understand that girl at the register has feelings too and if you can’t say hello to her because you’re on the phone how do you think she feels about it?

I know we can’t change the world but let start with just us, one person at a time.

Nice weekend!